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Unfortunately since pets cannot brush their own teeth, it is important to maintain your pets’ teeth for them. What may seem like “normal” bad breath, along with sore or bleeding gums, could be the start of a serious periodontal disease. Good dental health of your pet not only maintains their happy smile and allows your pet to eat comfortably, it will give your pet better overall health as well. Dental care is often neglected. But establishing good dental hygiene early in your pet's life will pay huge dividends later.

Being vigilant in the battle against plaque and gingivitis means routine brushing and yearly cleaning of your pet's teeth. As your pet eats, plaque builds up and eventually calcifies into what is known as tartar. Plaque is bad, but tartar is worse and even more difficult to remove once it's hardened. Tartar not only irritates and reddens the gums, it also becomes a bacterial breeding ground.

If the situation doesn't change, the gums will become inflamed. Then as the gum disease continues the gums will swell and bleed and start to pull back from the teeth. This creates pockets that give a home to even more bacteria. The roots of your pet's teeth may be painfully exposed and the teeth may loosen and possibly abscess. You can see why your dog or cat may have trouble chewing and eating or may be lethargic due to these issues. Periodontal disease is painful, invasive, and even repulsive. But it can also be easily prevented. We can help you begin a proper home-care routine well before the doctor has to reach for the antibiotics, pain meds and the extractors.


When your pet comes in for a dental cleaning, they are put under general anesthesia and closely monitored by our highly trained veterinary technician using their skilled eyes and ears, a stethoscope, EKG and Pulse Ox monitor. The patient’s teeth are ultrasonically scaled (which removes the plaque and tartar), checked for pockets, cavities, fractures, chips, or any other issues. Then the teeth are polished and given a hardening fluoride foam rinse. They will leave the clinic usually the same day with bright, shiny teeth and good smelling breath!